Tradewind Hawaii offers DCS appliances. DCS is not only one of the premiere appliance makers in the US, its also one of the most innovative.

DCS cooktops, with patented Dual Flow Burners™, put you in charge. Fire up a fierce, restaurant kitchen heat in an instant – and just as quickly turn it down to a gentle flame. What’s more, the Advanced Grease Management System® featured on the griddle/grill models channel grease away from the flame to reduce flare ups, it also makes cleaning up less of a chore.

The heritage of DCS by Fisher & Paykel began in the late 80’s as the country’s leading engineers and designers created the first line of high-end commercial quality cooktops and outdoor grills. DCS was launched as the leading provider of quality cooking equipment with high performance for the commercial food industry.

Recognizing the desire for home chefs to master restaurant culinary cooking, DCS expanded its innovation and design to pioneer high-end commercial quality appliances for the home.

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